January 2017 - One Second Challenge

To kick of 2017, we started with a simple challenge:

Every clip must be 1 second or less, and the total limit is 60 seconds.

We had a historic level of participation in this challenge, and it was simply impossible to choose only one due to the great variety of mini-films submitted.  So, for this month's Winner, I've decided to create 3 categories that represented the submissions, and choose a winner for each one, plus 2 runner ups for each category.  Each of these is worth watching all 60 seconds.  (This will keep you...or your kids...busy for 9 whole minutes!)  Prepare to be wowed.  This month was amazing!  To join our next challenge, see details and list of challenges at the bottom of this post.


My first choice is Belgium in 59 seconds by Sunny Mays of Sunny Mays Photography & Film.

Honorable Mentions go to:  My Alaskan Winter by Christal Houghtelling of Christal Houghtelling Photography.

And also to: Weekend trip to Kauai by Heather Kanjo Eijzenga of Little Bird Photography.



Winner goes to: Anita Perminova of Anita Perminova Fine Art Portraiture and Documentary Family Photography.

Honorable Mentions go to: January 2017 by Hannah Cross of Petit Four Photography (Congratulations on sweet new baby girl #4, Brynn!)

And also to: Project 12: January 2017 by Britney Hales of Illuminate Life Photography.  I love the sweet voiceover here.  



Winner goes to: BreAnna Schumacher.

Honorable Mentions go to: January in Seconds by Jennifer Stein.

And also to: Sprinkle Doughnut by Kim Hilliard of Kim Hilliard Photography & Films.


To join Project 12, you must join the facebook group where you can ask questions, learn, and submit your videos for the blog.  Here is the group, and the list of 2017 Challenges.  You can choose to enter any of the categories, whenever. You are not required to do all (or any) of them:

Group (Request to Join): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1696998310537397/

2017 Challenges

January: 1 second clips only, 60-second max. Can be one every day, or just one-second clips through the month. We're starting this in January in case anyone wants to continue this through the year. (If you'd like to shoot this on a mobile device, you may. There's a 1 second every day app available to help you with that. I haven't personally used it, but have heard rave reviews and see the final product, which is good.) Guest Expert Q&A on posting videos to IG.

February: Color theme - choose a color, and every shot must feature or contain that color

March - Get in the frame! Woo hoo!


May - Free choice - Film Fest will feature births. Use this time to work on your post-production quality: audio, music, or color.

June - Simple Interviews (For those who've been around awhile, we're going to work on overlaying voice with related non-talking videos)

July - Choice of Underwater if you have the gear, or Mobile Device storytelling - Summer's busy and messy. You have your hands full and lots to film. This will help simplify things so you can finish a video despite less time to yourself!

August - Freelensing

September TECHNICAL CHALLENGE - Slow Motion

October - Free Choice (6 months since the last Get in the Frame - consider jumping in!) Use this time to work on your post-production quality: audio, music, or color.

November - Video Portraits - you can incorporate any techniques we've learned this year

December - Demo Reel or Holiday Highlights

**Subject to Change**


Emily Mitchell