December 2016 - Demo Reel or Holiday Highlights

This is the month each year we create our demo reels - our very favorite 1-5 clips from each month, saved throughout the year and compiled in December.  The other option, for those who joined sometime during the year and didn't have a year's worth of clips to draw from could create a holiday highlight reel where they could include up to 3 holiday events.  I limited people to 3 so they wouldn't be completely overwhelmed.  This is a lightweight, fun month, so we could all enjoy the holidays!  I look forward to what the year ahead brings.

Our Demo Reel winner is Christin Kreml of Oak + Feather Films.

Our Holiday Highlights Reel winner is Allison Redmon of Allison Redmon Photography.

Beautiful work!  Keep Shooting!  Project 12 will continue for 2017, so to join, request membership here.

Emily Mitchell