October 2016 - Theme - Beautiful Light

This month, the idea was to document daily life and pull together the clips that happened in beautiful light.  Documentary photography and film can be tricky because authentic, once-in-a-lifetime moments don't always happen in perfect light, but they're worth shooting anyway (of course)!  There are ways you can make the most of available light, and then there is actively seeking beautiful light, and that's just what this challenge was about.  

I loved the easy-breezy feeling of Jennifer's film because the emotions, music, and light all worked together to create something uplifting and light.  Winner: Jennifer Stein


I coudln't watch this and *not* smile.  Seriously?  So cute!  The music, the styling, the light, the lyrics - all came together to create something cheerful and "light" in both senses of the word.  Winner: Sarah Krieg, Sarah Krieg Photography


Although the light here is either direct or flat light, Stacey uses it to highlight color and wow, is it gorgeous. Love those pumpkins!  Great job, Stacey!  What a treasure for your girls to have that special time together with you. Winner: Stacey Ilyse Photography + Films



Emily Mitchell