Eboni Rivera.jpg


New York

Eboni is a natural teacher, good at using root experiences we all know to teach complex ideas.  Patient and positive, Eboni covers a wide variety of topics:

  • Story Development
  • Shooting Video & Stills in One Session
  • Fusion Videos (stills & video combined)
  • Workflow & Editing Process
  • Organization in Premiere Pro
  • Music selection: Using Lyrics for Emotion
Heather Eijzenga.jpg



Heather's a natural at editing.  Her experience teaching photography and her organized nature and attention to detail make her a natural fit for the topics she covers:

  • Audio for More Impactful Films
  • The Business of Films (Pricing, Marketing, Transitioning Photo Clients)
  • Compelling Storytelling with Films
  • Editing
  • Interview Fundamentals
Jenna Reich.jpg



Laid-back and approachable with 5 years' experience mentoring photographers 1:1, Jenna knows what it takes to help you make a quantum leap in your artistic process.

  • Setting Your Artistic Vision
  • Culling your videos
  • Selecting Music to Fit Your Artistic Vision
  • Constructive Criticism of 1-2 Films
Keren Galis.jpg



Keren's all heart.  She knows first-hand the significance videos have long-term and is great at helping you craft films that get straight to what matters.  And Keren knows weddings!

  • WEDDING Videography Basics
  • Shooting Techniques for Weddings
  • Music-Driven Editing for Weddings
  • Wedding Videography Business (Pricing, Marketing, Clients)
  • Constructive Criticism of 1 Wedding Film
Kyla Ewert.jpg


British Columbia, Canada

Kyla's years of experience as a lifestyle photographer give her a vast array of knowledge, from styling to working with clients.  But Kyla's greatest talent is her unique artistic voice, and she'd love to work with you on:

  • The Emotional Edit
  • Interiors Styling for Film and Photo
  • Film Critique
  • Music-Driven Editing
  • Adding Interest with Movement
  • Finding the Light 
  • Unique Visual Perspectives & Creativity
Mariah Evans.jpg



Affable, hilarious, and insightful, Mariah's teaching experience with music & art, several years in Family Films, and one of the few people out there who's shot everything under the Family Films umbrella, she's the perfect pick for general topics, as she's done it all!

  • General Mentoring in Family Videography
  • Newborns
  • Families (Including Rowdy Kids)
  • Special Events (Birthdays, etc.)
  • Capturing Love & Connection in Everyday Life
  • Color Grading & Correction
Stacey Adams.jpg


New Mexico

Stacey has experience teaching and creating educational content for storytelling concepts.  Stacey also draws on a long history of working with clients.

  • Selling the Value of Films to Clients
  • Working with Clients for Emotion
  • Shot Variety and Creativity
  • In-Depth Constructive Criticism of 1 Film



Professional and positive, Sunny's background in marketing and experiences traveling while shooting make her a great choice for any topic.  Sunny also has advanced filmmaking training.  She is especially talented at editing.  Also, if you want to make brand films, Sunny knows all about it.

  • Effective Corporate / Promo Films
  • Film Critique/Portfolio Review
  • Editing 
  • Holding Viewer Attention
  • Travel Films
  • Color Grading & Color Correction