My life's passion is creating Family Films.

I've spent the last few years introducing other people to my idea that shooting for families with video allows us to see for ourselves far beyond what we look like, but how we move and talk. With video, we see beyond what a still photo can capture - we see the magic of communication, relationships, connection...emotion. Family Films are about letting go of that image of perfection in your mind and learning to see beauty in the way things are.

I've trained hundreds of photographers around the world through my workshops on DSLR video shooting and emotional editing.

I'm happy to say that the Family Film Movement is now really beginning to grow.

This is me. I'm kind of goofy. My face is chock full of freckles. My older brother and I share a lot of expressions unique to the two of us. This laugh is one of them.

I call South Carolina home.  I live with my gorgeous, brilliant, and tolerant husband + our three sweet little ones - a 6-year-old boy I call Butterscotch, a 4-year-old girl I call Bittykins, and the baby, Eloise.  I call her LoLo.  I love them more than my heart can handle.

I am a new kind of artist - a filmmaker for and about families - a lifestyle videographer.  I make movies about you because YOUR real life is something you'll want to remember.  I love observing people and capturing the things that make people them... individuals as well as their dynamic as a family, even those unique shared expressions.

I like to...Drink Coca-Cola, talk to my husband, Geoff (he's hilarious!), play with my children, go to church, cook, pick berries, make toys, sew, yard sale, go thrifting for supplies for projects I'll never actually do, eat lots of chocolate, try new wine, pretend I know how to garden but really I just like digging in the dirt, go to the beach, take my children antiquing, embroider, throw elaborate birthday parties, throw casual last-minute barbeques, roll down a grassy hill with my kids, discover new music, decorate, and oh, I love kid fashion (I coordinate my kids' wardrobes, and my son picks out all his own clothes). I love...jazz, Rustic things, Maine, memorable textures, attention to detail, simple design, bold colors, sunsets, water, gorgeous lighting, airplane rides, old-school photographs, amazing cheese, the way tree branches look, Boden, wooden toys, Natalie Cole, anything 1930's, Marimekko fabrics, Rothko, Calder, IKEA, beautiful children's book illustrations, hot air balloons, typewriters, and old cameras.



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