The difference between film and photography is the same difference between mathematics and calculus – motion. 


I'm booked until Feb 1, 2020. If you are near any of the following areas, I am accepting 1-2 additional clients during these times in these places.

I am accepting family films as well as films for small children’s brands.

Travel schedule:

Utah Feb 2020

Atlanta March 2020

Austin April 2020

Denver May 2020


June - Aug

Bremen, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London


Oh. My. We are both in tears here. Almost at a loss for words. You are so incredibly talented. What a fantastic video…we will honestly watch it a million times. Lilly’s little feet, her little giggle, us dancing, ugh. I could go on and on. You couldn’t have captured Lilly and us as a family ANY better. We will definitely be using your services again in the future! It’s honestly so beautiful. So much better than still photos. It captures us so perfectly. It’s so amazing what you did in that short time you were here. Literally floored at the sheer awesomeness of this. PLEASE share, so that people may see how incredibly talented you are because I want everyone in the world to see this. Thank you so much for getting this to us so quickly, we are absolutely floored. Bravo. Beautiful. Thank you.
–The Wheelers

Today, I received a wonderful gift–our finished video from Everyday Films. Emily Mitchell captured a sunny, summer afternoon perfectly. I will treasure this glimpse of our life during the summer– back when Isabella was only 3 years old. We put off scheduling our appointment for far too long. The reasons seemed valid but they were actually silly. We had fears of looking awkward in front of the camera but she put us at ease and we just had fun together. Our time with Emily was so easy. Isabella, Hung and I have already watched this video countless times. As the years pass quickly by, I’m sure I’ll keep watching this little peek of us with tears in my eyes and a smile in my heart. I encourage all my friends in Maine to book a session with Emily. Life will change in a blink of an eye and you won’t regret having a way to relive, for a moment, the way things used to be.
–Amie Bui

Not one for getting all “posey,” Emily’s style is so relaxed and casual you would hardly know she was there. And then you see her photos and realize she was TOTALLY there – capturing every little magical thing about your family – Micah’s twinkle, Theo’s sweet smile and chubby baby knuckles, these little moments, looks and glances that make up the every day fabric of our world. And now we are so lucky to have these beautiful memories preserved on film for the rest of our sweet time on this earth. Who wouldn’t want that? Thank you, Emily!
–Brynn Wartman


Q: OK, so what is it you do, exactly?

A: I do short films and photography for your family. I film your family and take some photos while your children are just playing at home, playing outside, or are out doing something fun like visiting a farm, getting ice cream, going to the beach, or maybe just a part of your regular routine. I film very short clips, then I edit them together and pace them to a song that suits the mood and personality of your family, to tell your story of love! I use a digital SLR camera, usually with some small equipment attached to the camera to help stabilize it. I don't use flashes or lights, because I find they are distracting to kids. I also take breaks to just play with your kids and talk with them, because I love playing and it makes them more comfortable.

Q: Why would I want a video? Aren't pictures enough?

A: When you are old, what is it you'll remember (or want to)? Is it the way your family looked? Or is it the small moments among you, your interactions, the details of your children's tiny hands, the sound of their voices? The way you & your spouse sounded when you laughed? Photos are a wonderful snapshot in time, but a video is like being with someone. I have a copy of my grandmother's last voicemail to me last year that I would jump through fiery hoops to save if it were in a burning building! Voices are rarely captured in high-quality format, but it's a key part of my videos. I give you both.

Q: How do you shoot in a house that's, y'know, not magazine perfect?

A: I know what you're thinking, that you're worried your house will look dark or cluttered or dirty or something. I get it. I live with toddlers; I know. I'm not going to be photographing your clutter unless pieces of it are part of the story. Storytelling film and photography include your environment and things, but in the context of what's going on. The focus is still on you. Take a look at my client photos and videos - I told them not to worry about cleaning up, and they didn't. Real is better than perfect. I also send you a guideline on what you should do to prepare, guidelines on what to wear, etc. so you're not flying blind.

A: No. I do not take requests for popular songs, because they cost like a bajillion dollars to license, and I try to keep my films affordable to families. But honestly, I rarely use them in my personal work, and here’s why. First, popular music will date your videos quickly. Second, family videos are sentimental. Sometimes I cry when I’m editing. If you’re a crier like me, you will almost assuredly cry the first time you see your video. But you don’t want to cry every time! It’s not a memorial to a time lost forever; it’s a fun video about a (mostly) fun time in your life! Keep it light.

Q: Can you set my video to a rock & roll song?

A: No. I find that most popular songs on the radio overpower the tender baby sweetness of a small child and their subtle movements.

Q: Can you add in this reeeeeally cute cell phone video I took?

A: No, because most cell phones take video at a different frame rate(i.e. the number of pictures per second) than a professional film camera, and it’s the slower frame rate that gives that cinematic look, among other things.

Q: I’m a professional photographer. Can you edit my video files I take myself?

A: Yes, if you have a full-frame camera and you shoot in 24 fps, 29 fps, or 30 fps. I charge by the hour or by the project. Email me for details.

Q: Can you do just editing of our homemade videos for us?

A: Sorry, I don’t offer this service. But I am currently developing a workshop to help you do this yourself, called Mobile Device Storytelling. Stay tuned!