I took my son out for flower-picking at sunrise, because that's how early we had to get there to beat the construction crew on the 2-lane road nearby. This field of Queen Anne's lace was taller than he was and the flowers were larger than his face! He was mesmerized by being in his very own flower forest. It made me realize not only how small he is, but how a place that's just hip height for me, bypassed by most people altogether, transformed his world into a magical place all his own. I have to stop and remind myself when I feel like I'm coming up short or haven't done enough, that it's the small things that feel big to them. One day he may retell this story, but the flowers will be as large as dinner plates... 2014081220140812EK4A0596 2014081220140812EK4A0600 2014081220140812EK4A0616