Video for Make-A-Wish Foundation!

Ring Family Farm Day was a special, fun Saturday for our family. It was a beautiful, fairly quick drive from our town, into the next town, across the mighty Kennebec and into the real farm country. Boy scouts in uniform greeted us and directed parking. For $20 per carload, you get a great deal - lunch buffet, including drinks (our kids had chocolate milk!) plus all the free fun - pumpkins, free popcorn, animals, a rummage and craft sale (it's New England - good deals are very exciting), live band, a collection of antique tractors to see and climb on, horse-drawn hayride, watching people do their trade--well, just watch the'll see.

The girl featured at the end was the beneficiary of last year's event. She and her entire family got to go to Disney World. She seemed like a really sweet kid, and I'm so glad her wish came true.

If you are in Maine in October, and are looking for authentic farm fun on a fall day and delicious food, I highly recommend this event.

For details, visit and LIKE "Ring Family Farm Day" on facebook.

Here's a link to the great work being done through the folks at Maine Make-A-Wish: