Common Ground Fair

A husk cherry - sweet and delicious!  Looks like a tiny red tomatillo, tastes like a caramel fruit tart. A new friend of mine I ran into at the farmer's market suggested we check out the Common Ground Fair. This is an event that happens annually in Unity, Maine that attracts tens of thousands of crunchy-minded types to a giant expanse of beautiful country nowhere somewhere near an Amish settlement. Here you will find a display of alpacas, Amish families selling cloth dolls and granola, a supermarket-sized section of fresh vegetables from dozens of Maine organic farmers, and many primitive farm practices on everything from candle-making to elaborate non-electric furniture carving. I was especially excited for Toddler to see raw wool combed and spun into yarn, just because it's cool and Sleeping Beauty makes so much more sense if you have this context. And also, with his penchant for fashion and crafts, I'm pretty sure he won't mind learning to knit, so better to spark that interest early. However, by the time we found this tent, Baby was needing me and I couldn't really get to my camera since my third go-go-gadget arm that sometimes appears to help me do things while holding Baby was already occupied with keeping Toddler's hands out of the way.


There was a large kids section chock full of wild children doing a variety of activities such as sliding down a grassy hill on old cardboard (awesome fun - this was the highlight of our day), hammering nails into a board, threshing, dancing, and making things out of string and wool and the like, a wild din ironically accompanied by soft acoustic children's music and someone on the spoons.

This desert kid was excited to slide down the grassy hill on his magic carpet.Daddy gives Baby her first hammering lesson

It was a lot of fun, and we would definitely go again, but next time we'll take the train - yes, a real train goes to and from this event!

The crunchy carrots we bought