Summertime and the Livin' Ain't Easy

Summer update: I am still pregnant.

So pregnant. With my 4th baby.

It is hot. I do not want to go outside.

I feel like I weigh as much as a hippo, and I am followed by a comparable amount of bugs.

Our house is under construction.

We are all sleeping together downstairs.

The kids are in the dining room floor, Eloise is in a pack & play by the laundry, and we are sleeping on the sofa.

The construction is DIY.

I have been sitting on a raggedy towel with leather gloves and a heat gun for hours after the kids go to sleep, stripping paint. But that’s nothing compared to what Geoff’s been through, sun up to midnight, every dang day, stripping paint, sanding, priming, painting…

So in the future, when you see beautiful pictures of us or our house or our life or whatever, just know: these all-white bedrooms with old windows and restored trim and fireplaces and new ceilings and plaster walls and white floors and new modern light fixtures — this does not happen overnight. You have to really really want this. And you can’t buy it. Because it takes time to preserve certain things: copper hardware, original windows, original glass, underlying textures on walls, trim, and floors. We calculated over a mile of trim in these four upstairs bedrooms. No contractor would ever take on the level of detail involved in a loving restoration like this one.

We have lost three DAYS on this project just to this one question: “Yes, but which SHADE of white?” There are 5 shades of white that now all work and match 99.9% perfectly. Just enough to drive any sane person mad, let alone a pregnant lady in the summertime alone with 3 kids ages 8, 6, and 2, taking prednisone, and also planning a home birth.

So while I am with our children constanty, I’ve been shooting very little because I am taking kids to doctor’s appointments, being referree, and coaching children through their emotions while meeting many demands. And once demands are met, they start doing cute things that I want to enjoy, like pressing flowers or playing store or restaurant or getting into something messy, and I’m busy letting them, or playing with them, or at least supervising. So I’m busy soaking them up, too. (Not just all the things I need so many paper towels for.)

OH YEAH! Did I mention Cannon is in TWO LEG CASTS?! For a month. I had to carry him into the clinic for my own breathing treatments. When we go to pickup a new storm window, or pick out paint chips of multiple shades of white paint, we are a circus show. I am also teaching a class that I accidentally let in too many students for by leaving the registration link open too long while we were on vacation (our internet connection in the Outer Banks wasn’t great) and now I have over 50 projects to evaluate. I am tired. Rant. Over. UGH. Let’s talk again when I can drink coffee, OK?!

This is what I saw.