A Very North Carolina Road Trip

With me pregnant in the summertime, and with my chronic breathing problems, we knew we were going to need to take our vacation first thing in the summertime, as it would only be more draining on me to travel as the weeks went on.

Jesse’s baptism gave us the perfect excuse to create our vacation around the fact that we were already out of town anyway, and we’d always wanted to go to the Outer Banks of NC and had never been so, that’s what we planned. I envisioned us flying kites together.

We stayed at a great AirBNB called “The Salt Box” way down about a half hour south of Kill Devil Hills. There were very, very few people down where we were, and the two days we went to the beach, we were the only people there most of the time. It was striking how many houses were empty, and just how enormous they were. Had a kind of ghost town feeling about it, especially the houses surrounded by dunes, the ones whipped so hard with wind and sand, the cedar shake ones without any paint. You could almost hear what the wind must’ve sounded like up there at night, battering all around, coughed up by the ocean and tumbled across the dunes.

But the little area where we stayed had some protection, and was in between ocean and marsh, and so it was grassy and quiet and low down. Cozy, with thick palm trees and tall grasses. I did OK on this trip, although watching the video footage back, I can hear my every breath, strained. I got around all right, except the dunes were a little difficult for me, as I had to rest often to get over the main dune line to the beach from our house. And you may wonder if there were stairs — there were in some parts, but the lay of the land didn’t allow for them the whole way.

So with this low-key and budget-friendly agenda, I decided to find some interesting stops along the way, knowing we’d have to stop a lot anyway with a toddler and pregnant me. Atlas Obscura was a very useful resource, and three of the sites here are on that list.

In this post, I’ll share all our little stops, and in another the photos from our actual stay in the Outer Banks.