We Were Actually Lost

There’s a photo of the kids in a stand-up face sign that says “We’re Lost!” and the funny part is…we actually DID get lost in a corn maze at nearly dinnertime with 4 kids 8 and under half an hour from home. We have a lot of leaders in our family (Geoff and I are both Myers-Briggs ENTJs), plus each of the older two were leading with their own ideas. And long story short, between Geoff and me passing the baby back and forth while I tried to take pictures, it became unclear who was leading and I think we all just kind or assumed we were being led, until we all realized NO ONE knew where we were and I could see the sun thinking about going down. Ruh Roh. Well, spoiler alert, we found our way out, but…that was just the kids’ corn maze! At the end of the maze, it was time for me to ask for my annual pumpkin picture. I have taken a picture of our kid(s) in front of pumpkins every year, inspired by one of my mom’s favorite snapshots of my brother & me when we were little. Well, this year, despite Geoff’s help, it just wasn’t going to happen. And then, in a flash of luck, ONE child decided she would dive into the pumpkins and look up at me —just once—and I caught it quick before she hopped onto all fours and galloped away, as if the moment had never happened.

This is what I saw.

Emily MitchellComment