The Pruitts

Erin Pruitt is a friend of mine and I thoroughly enjoyed filming a morning with her and her sweet family together.  My favorite things in this video are Erin's laugh and the way David looks at Elliott when she passes by.  He is so smitten, and it's so obvious!  I was very impressed with Henry's reading and puzzle skills while I was there. What a treat to see his growing independence!  

Since I shot this video in May of 2017, the Pruitts have since moved to Greenville, and I miss them.  But I'm happy for them that they aren't doing the daily commute anymore.  Erin is due with her third baby in just a little over a week, and I wanted her to know and see for herself why they are going to be wonderful parents all over again.  


Here are a few of the stills I took during our time together as well.