September 2017 Favorites

September, September.  Hurricane after hurricane whipped at our town with the tails of each storm.  Then Eloise suffered hand, foot, and mouth disease and Grace and I both got it, too.  For the record, it's horrible.  The worst part was watching the girls suffer.  Eloise had a very bad case of it, though for Grace it was mostly fever.  We spent a lot of time around the yard and house this month, saving what we could from the garden in the wake of the storms.  Cannon ran for student council, and although I was nervous for him, he actually won!  I took a photo of his adorable campaign poster.  The school had sent home a slip basically telling parents to not over-help or at the very least understand that this is not a spending contest.  We didn't help Cannon at all. He brought in his misspelled posters with little drawings of himself in a suit and with a rainbow decorating his poster he drew on cardboard he found in the recycling bin.  He won.  Bless his little heart, I'm so happy for him.  He does have some natural leadership qualities and always has.  I still remember volunteering at his Valentine's Day party in the one-year-old room at the nursery school.  He got the gleam in his eye and started drumming on the table, and smiling at the other toddlers while doing it, and within 60 seconds, he had the whole table going and giggling and having the best time, all looking at Cannon and at each other.

This is what I saw.

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