August 2017 Favorites

After returning from Maine, it was a whirlwind month.  Geoff came home, Cannon held a yard sale, we prepared him for back to school at his new school, we had a water balloon fight in the yard as a family the night before the first day of school, and then the first day of school actually finally did come, and it came on the day of the solar eclipse, and totality passed right over his school so of course we all went and that took the entire day.  Long string of activities, long string of a sentence.

Meanwhile, the girls and I languished at home doing summer by ourselves with Cannon and Geoff both settling into their school year routines without us as we waited and waited (and waited and waited and waited) for preschool to start.

We celebrated Grace's last day before the First Day of Kindergarten by visiting Rose Hill Plantation State Park.  We took my friend Kara with us, and we also had to stop at my antique lumber supply guy out in the county to pick up a few floorboards for the current renovation.

And then, finally, Grace started Kindergarten.  And that was August.

This is what I saw.

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