Maine Day 18: Ocean Fishing

Geoff had never been ocean fishing, and the evening before, while we were at the market, he was lured by some mackerel flies he found and decided that was what we'd do today.

So we went ocean fishing. 

Then after all that was over, we spent a hot afternoon at home while Eloise took a very, very, very long nap.  She was asleep so long we had time for lunch with wine and several rounds of Bingo.  She woke up (finally, full of sweetness and warm little flushed cheeks and a head full of fluffy sweet after-nap wispy hair).  Mmmmm, I can almost smell her sweet little baby self just thinking about picking her up out of the crib!  It's ALWAYS my favorite time of day!  Like a little fresh-baked loaf of bread, so sweet, and wrapped in a little blanket.  I am in love with that baby.  She woke up just in time for a quiet sunset on the farm, where we took turns on the barn swing, ate pasta with fresh salad picked from the garden, and fell asleep again to the sound of the ocean winds.

This is what I saw.