Maine Day 16: Laundry and The Road to Rockland

Time to leave The Camp.  We did laundry while Geoff closed up the camp temporarily until Rees Mitchell (Geoff's dad's brother) would arrive in a few weeks.  Then we hit the road to Rockland, where we stopped at "The First Place We See That Has Lobster."  It happened to be this place called, well I don't remember what it's called, but it was a little shack by the side of the road that also happened to serve wine, and everything was delicious.  Grace proudly consumed her Very First Whole Lobster Ever All By Herself, so I took a photo of her to document her accomplishment.

Then we continued into the sunset toward our main destination on this roadtrip, the farmhouse in Friendship, Maine, where we'll spend 8 days.  I'll show you the farmhouse in the next post.

This is what I saw.