Maine Day 12: Crabapples

It was time to leave Stacy & Jake's to head up to camp.  We spent a leisurely morning getting ready and packing and again being treated to Stacy's baked goods.  (She is not only smart and beautiful, she seriously could open her own bakery.)  We said a long goodbye and let the kids get their wiggles out in the yard full of ripe crabapples, which lets me know August is imminent.  I love the way you can look around in Maine and tell what date it is within a few weeks. 

Then we drove north 3 1/2 hours to Lincoln, Maine, where Geoff's grandmother's camp is hidden away on secluded Egg Pond.  I love it there.  It's totally rustic, though it does have running water, hot water, flushable toilets, and electricity.  For heat, you must bring up wood and burn it in the Franklin Stove.  To cool off, you can jump in the lake off the dock or go sailing and let the wind catch you.