Maine Day 11: Munjoy Hill and Little Giant

Our third day staying in Portland, Stacy, Geoff, Cannon, Grace, Eloise, and I all walked down to the Pirate exhibit at the museum.  Unfortunately, we barely made it in the door when Eloise started acting like she'd rather walk the plank.  So while everyone else stayed, I walked home up Munjoy Hill in a light rain to take her home for a nap.  Unfortunately, and quite predictably, she fell asleep just as we turned onto our street.

That was my day.

At least it was bookended with delicious food: Stacy's homemade blueberry oh-my-goodness scones (not their official name, just my name for them), and dinner at Little Giant, which was amazing.  No pictures because Eloise was going insane, but my friend Erin Little shot the photographs for them, and it's every bit as eye-catching in real life.  

This is what I saw.