Maine Day 9: Portland

This was the day we moved out of The Wigwam.  The first photo is of Grace with her first pet, Cherries, who is a worm.  (And I say "is" because Cherries survived the entire trip and a month later was set free in our front yard by the bushes where she has her secret hideout.) 

This day, we were supposed to move in with Stacy & Jake for a couple days, but they already had friends with kids staying overnight (again, maybe time to consider that Winnebago).  So Jake's parents, Steve & Judy, graciously opened their home to us for the night since they were still staying in their cabin over at Brandy Pond, where we just came from.  

Steve is a professor with an impressive collection of books and original photographs.  This summer, the University of New England named its Photography Collection after him for his efforts to preserve and curate their collections, in addition, I'm sure to the many decades he spent contributing to the promotion of contemporary photographers working and living in Maine.  He taught at Maine College of Art for most of his career, as well as UNE and University of Southern Maine through the years.  He and Judy also ran "The Movies" in downtown Portland for over 30 years, a cinema that featured classic, alternative, documentary, and foreign films and closed just a few years ago.  Judy, in addition to being a very smart and compassionate person, raised four children who all turned out to be wonderful, smart, and interesting people, all of whom I like very much. (The youngest is Jake, married to Stacy, who is Geoff's older sister.)

After over a week on the road and at the cabin, it was laundry time, and the kids needed to get out of the house, and we needed to replenish our supplies, visit the redemption center, and find an SD card for the video camera.  So Geoff took all the kids out on errands while I stayed behind to catch up on laundry, reorganize, and had a couple of hours to just observe and photograph the Halperts' beautiful home.

After their return, we visited "Geoff's Island" - another special place backstage in Geoff's memory.  It's where he used to go and run when he was in high school.  A place to mentally regroup and a place he loves.  I have been hearing about Mackworth Island ever since we started dating over 14 years ago.  I felt delighted to share in this place with him and our children, though, while we played on the beach, he...went around it for a run.

This is what I saw.