Maine Day 7: Sebago Lake

We spent the day at Sebago Lake State Park, with picnic and whatever paraphernalia we could haul from cabin to van (poor new-to-us van) and to the pine tree needled picnic nook and sandy shore (and back).  (Poor van.)  

It was just as you'd expect it to be.  Some whining, some sunscreening, some not-eating-their-lunches but in the end, sandy, sunny, watery, wonderful.  I love Sebago Lake.  And apparently Geoff did, too.  He was full of fun stories of him and his brother Greg growing up here and going on what seemed like grand adventures to them at the time.  It's special to me to get to visit backstage in Geoff's memory and see a glimpse of the little boy he'd been while I was a little girl.

This is what I saw.