Maine Days 3-5: Arrival at The Wigwam

There are no photographs from Day 3 because that day we visited Hershey's Park Chocolate World, and one of our children had a not-so-sweet meltdown.  While we finished our time there and it was a nice place, it was just time to go.  Plus, it's super dark in there and hard to shoot.  The night before we'd had a stressful time trying to find a hotel as we got closer and closer to Hershey.  We got in super late and kids were tired.  

We continued our journey after Chocolate World to Hartford, Connecticut and spent the night there.  By the time we found that hotel room, ate dinner, unpacked, and got 3 wild little kids bathed and ready for bed, we, too were as exhausted as they were (probably moreso).  But they were wired and we were all in one room, so the best solution for us was to just turn out all the lights, wait for them to go to sleep, then get up ourselves and do editing/emails/TV/stuff.  Nope.  The next time we opened our eyelids, the sun was up and the baby was squeaking "Dada!  Dada! Dada!"  It was at that very moment I first seriously considered...a Winnebago.

We survived, though, and continued on to Maine, at last, at last!  It was Glenn's (Geoff's dad's) birthday and we celebrated as a big family at the two picnic tables down by Brandy Pond, among the small group of houses owned by some of Geoff's extended family.  It was great to see Glenn, Stacy, Steve, and Judy again.  We enjoyed a delicious meal and the weather was as you'd expected - the way it should be.  So good to be back in Maine.