Quebec Day 2: Ice Sliding and Giant Sledding

Apparently, we'd arrived in a Quebec recovering from Carnaval.  We awoke to a sunshiny morning glinting off every surface, packed snow, and glistening ice.  The morning was alive, but the spirit of the town quiet, men here and there tinkering on the roofs, removing lights, shopkeepers quietly restocking.  The party was over, but the bars, tables, and playground equipment all made of ice still stood.  We had the best time walking through the colorful streets and discovering new ice structures around every corner, just us.  Although last night we'd walked up the many stairs in icy darkness to find our little creperie, then walked back home, today we took the funicular instead, up to the upper part of the city overlooking beautiful iced ocean.

I love the cleanliness of the air when it's this cold.  I just love being in Canada, I love winter, I love the invigorating feeling of dry air and sunny mornings, the feeling of catching my breath laughing.

When we arrived at the top of the funicular, a stunning view we couldn't see the night before was laid out for us.  And there on the square was the biggest sledding track I'd ever seen, with the longest sleds I'd ever seen!  We pulled one to the top...which was about fives or six times higher than the slides you would see at an American carnival with burlap sacks.  We couldn't help but comment how you'd never see anything this tall and dangerous in America, much less with no age restrictions, and we remarked how litigious America is and freeing to be apart from it and take our own risks with our own judgment.

The ride was exhilarating!  We went twice!

A good, warm meal, a walk back for a long, cozy nap, and an afternoon of window shopping and walking about town did us good.  We met Geoff in the enormous lobby of the Chateau Frontenac, where he'd been in a meeting all afternoon.  

We took a limousine to the toy store, Benjo, and let the children pick out whatever they wanted and play as long as we could stand it before we needed dinner.  A quick bite of sushi, and a grocery store run, and our day was full.  Our lives are full.  I love it here.