Tybee Island Goodbye, Hello St Augustine

We said goodbye to our house on Tybee Island, and headed down to St Augustine.  Our old Ford Windstar van needed a jumpstart just to get us out of the driveway, and I have a feeling the van is going to give out soon.  But, it was Geoff's mom's, and he's pretty attached to it, so we just keep fixing it.  I'm pretty sure his mom picked him up from school in this thing.  Now he has his Ph.D. and is picking up his own kids in it.  I have a dream of a van with windows that go up and down.

Last year, on the way to kindergarten preview night, Bittykins found a sippy cup full of old milk from the week before, when we went out for breakfast because the moving truck had just arrived (finally, after being lost almost a month, stranding us at an anonymous interstate-side motel, where we were still staying when Geoff started his new job at the college).  She drank the milk, and immediately spewed everywhere.  I wanted to roll down the windows to relieve all of us and keep the boys from also spewing from the smell.  However, our windows don't roll down anymore, so we drove in to the private school parking lot with me holding the van door open and loud heaving sounds coming from everyone in the car (oh yeah, I was also 28 weeks pregnant).

This was, of course, just hours before she found a penny on the street, ate it, and spent the night in the emergency room with me the night before the first day of kindergarten for Butterscotch (which Geoff couldn't be there for because of a new job orientation, but he rushed home from the morning thing he had to go to to cook breakfast, except he got lost on the way home trying to pick up eggs, and ended up paying $6 for a carton of eggs from the gas station).

This is how our life goes.

Traveling keeps things interesting.

This was actually a pretty calm day. Before we left Tybee, we released 5 monarch butterflies we'd been growing from live caterpillars.  All the next few days, we'd see orange monarch butterflies, and the kids were convinced they followed us.

This is what I saw.