St Augustine Day 5

This was our last day here, so we spent the whole day cleaning and packing and getting ready to go.  Except one thing: the van wouldn't start.  So we hung out waiting on roadside assistance to give us a jump, drove directly to the Sears about an hour away without stopping, and stopped at the mall there while they changed our battery.  We took the long way home, through a route near Savannah on the west side of the Savannah river, through a nature preserve.

I was looking for something.

About 10 years ago I was a college student on my way down to work for a campaign.  I stopped on the side of the road when I saw something incredible, somewhere between Charleston and Savannah.  An amazing little Palmetto tree forest.  I can't seem to remember where exactly it is, and I'd have to drive for hours to try to locate it again, as it was in the middle of nowhere.  I thought it was on Highway 17, but it didn't appear to be anywhere near the portion we drove.  It must have been closer to Georgetown.  It could be years before I have the opportunity to find it again.  But I'd really like to find it, because it is the perfect height for children to walk underneath the thick canopy.  I vaguely remember it being near a Rails to Trails walkway, but I could be confusing that with another memory from around the same time.  

If anyone out there reading this knows what I'm talking about and where I can find it again, please let me know.  I'd love to take the children there to visit.

Sometimes you don't find what you're looking for, but it's a good thing you got lost anyway.

Because we went out of our way, we were late getting back onto the main road home. As it turned out, there had been a major traffic accident and backup that afternoon, and we were so late, we decided to stop for dinner about an hour south of the incident, to eat and wait for the traffic to clear.  We were not the only travelers at our chosen local hole-in-the-wall fried-seafood buffet-with-Bible-verses-on-the-wall restaurant.  A big, loud church group was stopped there for the same reason, and they all seriously got a kick out of our more than mildly wild children.  By the time it was all over, everyone had had a good laugh, made a new friend, filled up for the night, and the kids were in their pajamas, ready for the last leg home, careening home, pulling a sail of twilight behind our minivan.

This is what I saw.