Tybee Island Day 3: The Beach, Potholders, and Horseshoes

Today on Tybee Island was a perfect kind of spring day: not hot, not chilly, not muggy, no bugs.  Just beautiful flowers, soft grey sand, and wind-teased palmetto trees.  We walked as a family through lush grass to the beach.  Mid-morning, no one was there yet.  We swung on the beachside porch swing by the lighthouse and had a great morning playing in the sand and the ocean.  Then back for a warm outdoor shower, a steaming bath for the kids, wine for us, cake for the kids, and a nap for the baby.  When she woke up, we kept busy around the house - laundry, horseshoes, and reading on the porch.  In the afternoon, a rainshower popped up, so the kids made potholders (or tried very hard to), and played before dinner.  All in all, it was a cozy, pleasant day together.  And I know that's like a rosy way to end a blog post, but hey, sometimes even a 3-ring circus gets its act together...especially when the ring leaders get some sleep (and some time in the sand)!  I really love Tybee Island.  It's my new happy place.