Tybee Island Day 2: The Lighthouse

Since my first post, I've had a number of emails asking about the kids' clothes.  I love styling the kids, and now with three, it takes a bit of coordination.  With just 2 kids, I could select a week's worth of mix & match or sets, and layer them in their separate suitcases and know which outfits to pull out.  Well, now with three, dressing is a chaotic circus, where either one of the older kids or my husband may dress any one of the three, and I never know what's going on, because I'm usually sleeping in and socks are flying across the kitchen to the tune of three happily shrieking children and Flight of the Valkyries.

So this time, the afternoon we left, I laid out 3 outfits together and put each set of 3 into a plastic grocery bag.  One grocery bag for each of the 10 days we were gone.  Simple, done.  It's not glamorous, but it's lightweight and it works!  It reminded me of how we put each person's clothes into a Space Bag when we backpacked across France and through the Paris Metro with the kids a couple years ago.  Plus, when we stopped off at Geoff's dad's house for the night on the way to Tybee Island, I was able to just pull one random bag out of the suitcase instead of schlepping the whole duffel out of the van (who am I kidding - instead of Geoff schlepping the duffel out of the van).