Carl Sandburg Home

I took the children to the home of all the Rootabaga Stories we've been reading...the home of Carl Sandburg, in Flat Rock, North Carolina.  In one place, this home embodied so much of the essence of what I love doing with my children.  

We had a picnic on the grass, and the children played "Paper Plate Warrior" and "Paper Plate Banjo Band" and sang and sang and sang.  We walked right up to the goats and petted them.  We ran in the rain.  We felt the first little insects of summer coming and the sound of our hard shoes crunching into dirt paths, heralding warm weather adventures.  I even gave into their faces in the gift shop and bought three little toy goats and a story book of Rootabaga Stories.  It was a wonderful day.  And on the way home, we sang together.