Wedding Rehearsal

Geoff's 87-year-old grandfather got remarried.  Our eldest two were asked to be ring bearer and flower girl - VERY exciting for them.  To them, this was a chance to practice getting married, as they are still convinced that since they are best friends, they will get married as adults. They're so sweet to each other, I really don't want to burst that bubble, so we'll just let them think that (and dance on the porch to practice for their wedding) as long as they both should like.

Opa and his new wife, Geri, are clearly smitten, and the event was fun and full of love and laughter.  It was a treat to get to see this side of the family, as even though we're geographically closer than we've been since we've been married, we haven't managed to make it up that way the past year, you know, having a baby, starting a new job, renovating a house, etc. etc. etc.  But the good news is, this wedding started us all plotting how to get the kids together again, and now we have an official meeting set where we're all going to meet up at a zoo in the middle of all of us this spring.  I can't wait!  Finally, feeling like we're near family, and with cousins the kids' ages!

Emily Mitchell