Halloween 2017

Well, well, well.  It's time for the 5th Annual Halloween on the blog!  This year, the children chose Davy Crockett (totally out of the blue - I did not see that one coming; I thought for sure I was in for making some Pokemon character...), Glenda The Good Witch (I think Grace got the idea for this from her set of Wizard of Oz Barbie dolls I found at a consignment show last year).  And as for Eloise, well, I couldn't resist making her into a fluffy lil' chicken.  baGOCK!  (teeheehee)

We live in Hampton Heights, a revitalizing neighborhood in Spartanburg, SC.  With a stroller and a small child walking with me, it takes 12 minutes to walk to Main Street.  With all the new growth that's happening now downtown, I hope to continue to see a resurgence of young families living in our neighborhood.  This is my third year documenting Halloween in Hampton Heights, and each year, I notice more and more children in the neighborhood.  I also see significant improvements over our first year here as far as the condition of the homes and owner-occupancy in general, especially among the side streets.  There are some downright adorable bungalows around here now.  In fact, this year, I was very excited to be able to photograph the first time candy had been handed out in what must have been many years, at one of the landmark homes that was rescued and restored at the corner of Irwin Ave. & W. Hampton Ave.  It's the white & grey home that is second in this series of photos.  I'm so grateful to Heather Homes for taking the initiative in 2016 to restore this home and sell it to its kind and caring current owners.

The photos are a bit grainier this year than last since I insisted the children eat REAL DINNER before getting them dressed and heading out, and Geoff wasn't home until 5:30 or so.  So a later start meant less light, but shooting fast-moving objects in dark conditions is a challenge I rather enjoy each year.  It also yielded one of my favorite photos (Eloise stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to give Geoff a thumbs-up, just happened to be right under a street light).

You can also see how the children have grown and changed since Halloween 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013 (can no longer link to it; it was on a former iteration of this blog). (But whoa!  Happy 4 years of blogging to me!)  :)

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