January 2017 Favorites

This is what I saw...New Year's, snow, and Eloise's First Birthday (the latter two of which are separate blog posts).  Later in the month, Geoff left for the last two weeks to Ecuador.  During that time, I really had my hands full and thus did not shoot very much!  I did, however, shoot lots of instant film, slowly filling up my new little Instax album I bought from Etsy.  I'm so thrilled with the quality of this book.  I purchased 2 little 48-photo albums with white covers and kelly green lining.  One album just happened to fit all my 2016 snapshots perfectly!  Now I'm filling up the second one.  I love instant film.  I recently took a few of the kids to mail one to a little cousin we reunited with at Opa's wedding, but my heart just couldn't give it away.  So next time, I will take a photo with my phone, and print it onto Instant film with my little Instax printer.  That way I can both keep the image from my phone *and* give away an Instax photo.  I can have my cake and eat it, too!

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