Hawaii Day 16: Sugar Cane and The Road Trip to Haleakala

We're nearing the end of our time in Hawaii, so I wanted to share with you a few favorite memories from this trip that did NOT get photographed, because even photographers with a passion need to give it a rest every now and again.

1. On our first road trip as a family, Eloise ate solid food and kept it in her mouth for the first time.  It was poi.  I was so proud.  Cannons' first food he ate - 6 months: rice cereal (I spent 20 minutes looking for it among the Rice Krispies in the Kroger before the manager finally asked if he could help me...).  Gracy's first food she ate (a late starter, but immediately insisted on self-feeding - 7 months: avocado.  And Eloise's first food: poi.  For our next baby, we're going to have to get really exotic...

2. We called on the help of a babysitter at least several times during this trip.  During those times, Geoff and I were able to get away ALONE to go to the hot tub, to go to the bar and drink extravagant-looking pina coladas served directly in pineapples so large and fun and fruity that they would be embarassing anywhere else.  We also spent half a day shore diving.  There was a strong undercurrent that carried us way too far away, and we spent a lot of energy swimming hard and getting nowhere.  I got overly tired and Geoff assisted me to swim straight, cross-cutting the current and making it to the beach.  It was a beautiful, cool dive just full of brightly colored fish, just as you'd expect.  And we stayed pretty close to the surface, so I was able to see all those glorious colors.  We also took an evening away to attend a dinner-and-a-show, with slight-of-hand magic.  And they had extra seats up front, so they asked US to come and fill them, free of charge!  Before you enter the area where they serve you food, you get "trapped" in a little room with another couple and you have to figure your way out!  I think Geoff figured it out, and I helped him.  Well, at least that's my story.

3. We went to an outdoor restaurant while we were staying in Maui, that was outside of the resort.  It was low key and smelled amazing and served lots of meaty, delicious dishes with amazing sides like poi and rice and tropical things that just went perfectly together.  We let Eloise eat and play in ALL of it and she made a giant mess and was happy and loved it!  So happy to see her enjoy food after all her little baby feeding struggles.

Now back to the present day....On this day we took the very (very very) long and scenic route, picnicking along the way, and finding a beautiful sugar cane patch.  We found home fruit stands full of tropical fruit and met new friends whenever we pulled over to take roadside pictures of rainbows and storms.   

Haleakala is a dormant volcano and the views from up there are absolutely breathtaking.  Watching the cloudy sunset up there felt like every vision I ever had of Heaven as a little child -- floating and pouncing on golden and pink-glowing clouds, as the stars came out above.  It was like a daydream come true, and despite frigid temperatures that will have you believing you're not in Hawaii anymore, we were able to enjoy it as a family.  What a treasured evening this was.

This is what I saw.