Hawaii Day 14: I Swam with Sharks!

Today we headed out to the Maui Ocean Center, where Geoff surprised me with the opportunity to SCUBA dive with SHARKS!  I was ecstatic!  What an amazing surprise!  He is really romantic.  The other day, when we went on that boat ride, he'd had the opportunity to dive, but I didn't get to go, because it was a 3+ hour commitment, and I can't go that long without nursing or pumping.  So Geoff found a way for me to get to dive by finding an opportunity where I could feed the baby right before going back to gear up, dive, shower, then return in plenty of time to feed her again.  He is so thoughtful.  The kids really got a kick out of seeing me swim up to them on the other side of the glass!

I would say this is what I saw, but this is MOSTLY what I saw, and a couple are how I could be seen, by Geoffrey.

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