Hawaii Day 12: The Submarine Boat (A Very Good Day)

Today was a very happy day for everyone.  Geoff went off to go SCUBA diving in the morning, and we slept in, then got ready and went out to see what there was to do in the little town near our resort.  To our great joy, we found a bright yellow boat that was submarine on the bottom, allowing us to see out into the ocean!  The boat had several divers, who jumped into the ocean and carefully pointed out or showed us wildlife while the guide talked to us about what they found.  It was quite entertaining, and the boat felt cool and refreshing underneath as well as breezy and sunny-wonderful on top.  What a treat!  All the children loved it, especially Cannon.

Geoff met us on the dock as we got off the boat, and took my picture.  There aren't many of me on this blog, but I do love this one with my babies.  What a happy day.

We walked along and found a gigantic tree much like the live oak trees we have here in South Carolina, but this one was truly enormous and was connected to other trees, sort of like one big giant organism.  Fascinating!  I'm sure this/these trees were hundreds of years old.  The children enjoyed finding little secret hideaways together and playing.  Then went out for delicious burgers and shakes at a little breeze-top restaurant overlooking the town square and the ocean.

This is what I saw.