Hawaii Day 10: Road Trip Maui!

Today was a full day, as we flew from the island of Oahu to Maui to begin the second part of our Hawaiian adventure.  As soon as we hit the ground, we took off on ANOTHER family island road trip like we did yesterday!  We drove The Road to Hana, although we didn't go all the way to Hana, just halfway to Hana and back.  That was enough, though -- such breathtaking views from the towering, lush mountainside out over the pristine Pacific, glittering ocean, sometimes with rainbows between us and the sea.  Magic.

Along the road we found an abandoned papaya juice stand next to a small grove of papaya trees.  Cannon instantly decided to climb up and try to pick one!  Then of course Gracy had to try, too.

This is what I saw.