Hawaii Day 8: Palace and Snorkeling

Well today was another double-feature!  After a brief detour downtown to buy diapers (because mama doesn't cloth diaper on the road/plane/anywhere without instant access to washing machines that don't take coins) we found the 'Iolani Palace.  I was blown away!  As a palace it was small but so well done and well preserved.  Considering how isolated Hawaii is in the world, it's fascinating that something so grand was built at all.  The woodwork was intricate and extensive and the palace was bright and airy, with lots of tall doors to open out to the breeze.  Even the bathrooms were large and built consistently with the rest of the palace.  

Hawaii used to be its own country before the U.S. claimed it in its imperialistic era around the turn of the 20th century.  I also learned that there is one of the seven islands tourists cannot go to: Niihau.  Interesting!

After Eloise's nap, we ventured out for an early evening snorkel Hanauma Bay with the snorkeling gear we brought.  This place was so beautiful and pristine.  I loved snorkeling there, and the children enjoyed the beach so much.  What a precious memory.

This is what I saw.