Hawaii Day 6: Waimea Valley

Ooh, I LOVED this day!  We all packed up a picnic and headed to the north shore for the day, to a magical places called Waimea Valley.  This place offered beautiful natural garden areas so lush and quiet from the water, they seemed very private, even though they were just a small pathway away from the main path.  As we went along, we encountered a traditional Hawaiian village, and learned a lot about their cooperative way of living, and how important family is.  Finally, at the end of the main path, we found a giant waterfall, and we swam underneath it and in its pool.  Cannon was anxious about it, but I gave him a "bravery stick" (a stick I found on the ground) and he was able to go into the water.

He was scared because he could not see how deep it is.  But I told him it'd be OK, that he just had to trust me, and jump.  Most of adult life is like that, I think.  All the big and even small decisions we make over time, even with information, are, in the end, still hoping and jumping in.  It's the only way to swim on your own.