Hawaii Day 4: Exploring Honolulu with kids!

Today was Geoff's second full day at the International Coral Reef Symposium, so it was just the kids and me again.  Since we had such a wild and adventurous day yesterday where Gracy lost her sandal in the Pacific Ocean(!) we decided to stick a little closer to home today to give Eloise a chance to rest longer in the afternoon in the hotel room and for the kids to have a little down time.  We had a nice, long breakfast on the balcony overlooking the hotel-top pool (where Gracy introduced us to the pirate, Captain Breadbeard). And then, before we even went out, jet lag finally seemed to catch up with the kids, and they all took naps.  (!!!)  I got lots of laundry started.  Then we explored Honolulu by way of big double decker bus ("Decker bus, Mama!").  While we waited for the bus, we looked around inside the building where the bus stop was.  There was a plaza of little shops along the sides, and in the middle, people bustling around and exhibits of various interesting items available for sale.  It was my first time seeing a real underwater housing for the DSLR camera that I had hung around my neck at that very moment.  I was amazed how large it was!  Wow, I thought!  It's HUGE!  Yellow and waterproof -- a beast.  Would be very difficult to use with kids unless the kids are completely independent swimmers...maybe some day, though!