Hawaii Day 2: Father's Day

The kids woke up at 5 am on Sunday, and they all got dressed and went out to IHOP, and I heard absolutely nothing of the commotion, I was so exhausted from pumping and nursing and bottle feeding and still trying to use the SNS and wash it out on an airplane and baby on a plane and OH MY GOSH I must have been exhausted beyond words.  I've never slept through all the noise that must have been.  But they apparently had a wonderful breakfast!  Ha!  :)  Later in the day we ventured out to Target to buy groceries and supplies for the week, and out for a Hawaiian lunch of chicken, macaroni salad, and rice, among other things.  

We ended the day at the beach, where Geoff found a sea turtle to swim with!  We had a magic time playing in the sunset, and I got to hold Eloise as she heard and felt the ocean for the first time.  She slept through it, but that's OK.  I dipped her sweet little feet in the ocean. And if you're wondering why Geoff's face down in the sand, well, I think that's when the jet lag finally hit him!

This is what I saw.