May 2016 Favorites

So, remember March, where we had a birthday, Easter, and a surgery?  Yeah.  This was like a repeat of that, just slightly less intense since we've been through it all before, and I was still worn out from going through it all the first time.  This was the month we had Gracy's birthday party at home (the first time Geoff and I did NOT bake a birthday cake together for one of our children), followed by Mother's Day, which was also Eloise's baptism, and two days later, a repeat tongue tie correction surgery (on my completely uncelebrated birthday).  A week later, Cannon graduated from Kindergarten, and my grandfather had just passed away, and his funeral was that week.  Geoff was off climbing a mountain thousands of miles away, so I attended his funeral alone with our three little ones, encountering briefly the family from whom I am estranged.  This year is so much more than I ever imagined.  More demanding, more exhausting, more rewarding, more excruciatingly magical.  I hate having to keep it all inside, all to myself, because I don't have the time and can't control enough of my time or environment to get out the expressions of feeling I have inside my heart.  My camera is my only hope of poking a hole in it all to let some of it out.  With each click of the shutter, a tiny hole is pierced in my soul and my heart flows out, just a tiny bit.

But as always, through my camera, I can see the brighter side of what's there.  And there was, to be sure, plenty to celebrate.

This is what I saw.