April 2016 Favorites

This was a busy month.  A lot of what I spent my time doing this month began the month prior, and I described everything we went through then and during April here.  If you haven't been following the blog, I'll just tell you...we went through a long and agonizing decision and process to discover and correct Eloise's involved tongue tie and feeding difficulties as well as her torticollis.  (Just saying that is a mouthful!  Let alone living it.)  So if you over there reading, thinking, "Why hasn't Emily made her films lately?" well...that blog post will provide you the answer.  So since I just gave you a heavy dose of reality in the last post, I'll try to focus on the positive here (which I try to always do in real life anyway.) :)

Perhaps photos will speak my heart more accurately than words will, so...

This is what I saw.