February 2016: Life with Eloise 4-6 Weeks

I'm noticing the days getting just a bit longer and just a tad brighter.  Cold, windy still, yes - even snow!  (Oh, how delightful it was driving through the snow to pick up the children at preschool!  I still remember how adorable Eloise looked in her tiny snuggly hat, and the beautiful music that played on the radio while snow drifted around us and our old minivan felt like a magic sleigh ride.)  The days of quiet sequestering are fading away as I enter the world again, this time with three children.

Our first-ever errand out with just me and all three children happened this month.  I had to go to the drug store for more...supplies.  And more pull-ups.  And the children each separately whispered to me, of their own accord, that they would very much like to choose Valentine's gifts for the other one.  

Cannon gave me his own little saved up money to buy Gracy a little box of chocolates with a tiny teddy bear tied to the front, with a red ribbon bow tie.  And wouldn't you know, that just a week later, despite us shopping in secret with him, she chose the same thing for him!  It was a wonderfully warm Valentine's month.  

Although my arms were too full with the baby and breakfast and Valentine's surprises and exclamations and laughing to operate the big camera (I must have left it upstairs), I did shoot lots of cell phone snapshots that morning.  I remember thinking this would be a good year for a "My Funny Valentine" theme, and so I chose joke gifts for everyone.  For Cannon, a little set of black glasses with a nose, and when you wind the knob on the nose, the eyebrows over the glasses rise and fall and look very suspicious.  For Grace, a Kazoo, and for Eloise, a funny little yellow bird.  I think Geoff got a whoopie cushion.

This is what I saw.