The McRobertses

I filmed the McRobertses on their last full Saturday at what is now their "old house."  Davin, Christina, and 16-month-old Lakelynn treated it like any other morning...bagels to go, morning playtime, and reading in bed.  I loved being there with them for these last little moments.  

So often we record all the firsts, but the lasts are just as bittersweet.

I remember the day we moved out of the house I spent my childhood in.  I was 12, and not quite ready to let childish things go.  My mom cleaned the house one last time, and played Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable" on cassette tape.  She got out the camcorder and walked slowly around the house.  By the time she got to me, sitting in the blue corduroy recliner with my foot-long pigtails, I was smiling at her with hot tears in my eyes.  It's so hard to say goodbye.  I remember, too, the day we moved out of the house we brought home our first two babies to, in Tucson.  I kept going back in, and the last time was to record their little heights off the wall.  I left with a memory of how hollow that space sounded as I scratched the little month marks onto my yard stick.

This was their last day of mostly normal, not-all-packed-yet life.  This was their first back yard, their first big kitchen, Lakelynn's first nursery.  I am so excited for them to move into their new place and for all the new sounds to bounce off new wishes to them, and I hope this little time capsule is as much a comfort to you as visiting a place where we can never return.