Mitchell Party of 5

Holy cow.  Five.  Party of FIVE.  At the end of the protected postpartum period where we all stayed home together and didn't go anywhere except the pediatrician (and delayed at that) or see people except my midwife and Geoff's dad and his girlfriend and occasionally people dropping food off on our porch, we left the house for the first time when Eloise was three weeks old.  We went to IHOP, probably much to Geoff's relief after serving every meal every day for the past several weeks, including serving me in bed upstairs.

And when we got there, they called it out: "MITCHELL, PARTY OF FIVE."  (Five!)

These are the days after the first nine days and through the end of January, when we began to really get acquainted as a new family and new reality started to sink in - in the best way!  (These photographs cover January 22 - 31.)  It may have started slowly, but it sped up very quickly. 

Life with growing children always seems to me like a snowball that grows and grows and gets faster and faster as it goes.

This is what I saw.