Seeing Family

We took a trip to South Carolina to see family.  Columbia, SC to see Geoff's dad & his girlfriend Kevin, Geoff's sister, Stacy, and Geoff's brother, Greg, and his twins.  

Day 1, we packed, drove to Portland, and discovered I left my wallet at home with my driver's license in it.  Despite that, I answered at least a hundred questions from TSA, and was able to board the plane.

Day 2, we went to the zoo, and celebrated Stacy's birthday.

Day 3, we went to see my parents, my brother, his fiance, and announced our move from Maine to South Carolina, coming Fall 2015.  My mom was *very* surprised!

Day 4, I went shopping with my mom in the morning, and that afternoon we went to Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, NC.

Day 5, we enjoyed a great time at Great Wolf Lodge!  My mom wore these sparkly bedroom shoes that created a little disco ball in the room when the sun streaked in around the hotel room curtain.  

Day 6, we visited Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC.

Day 7, we visited my old neighbors, who now have adopted a sweet daughter, then we returned home to Maine.

This is what we saw.


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