Waiting for Baby

A big month for us....interminable waiting, and finally, the birth of Eloise.  This is everything that happened just before that.

When I was 41 weeks, we all visited a little stream right at sunset, and Geoff took some last photos of me pregnant. We stayed and played until they were too soaked and chilly, then stripped them down and rode home with the heat (and the music) on. It was amazing to be out the first week of January at a stream that wasn't frozen a foot thick and covered in snow. People here think it's cold, but to me, in Maine, these were the kinds of grateful days in April or May when I'd take the kids to the beach and pick up driftwood with no one around for miles and miles. We'd picnic, and let them fall asleep in the car on the way home, sandy, quiet, past the many little farms just waking up and thawing out. This waiting game...was minute-by-minute...and while it was driving us all a little stir crazy, it forced us to be together and live hour by hour, paying close attention to everything. Every day seemed huge. And it was.

This is what I saw.

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