July 2015 - The Interim

This was a brief but endless-feeling period of time between which we arrived back in the United States from France, just before we spent time at the cabin and immediately thereafter moved, driving 5 days in a Toyota Matrix with a 3-year-old, 5-year-old, and me some 20-odd weeks pregnant and very hot & exhausted.  

During this time, life was a blur.  Unpacking, packing, fixing and cleaning up messy meals, no air conditioning (because Maine), sweating a lot, selling off furniture and dishes and the washer and dryer.  Lots of back and forth on the phone, distracted from kids who then acted out.  It was a long, hot ride on the struggle bus.

It wasn't all bad.  Geoff was still cooking like he was in France.  I mean...you really can't argue with life when your husband has caught the French baking fever and bakes fresh strawberry tart.

And amid it all, instead of crying or giving up, I just picked up my camera.  This is what I saw.