April 2015 Favorites

This month saw two birthday cakes, Easter, and the final thaw.  Mud season officially begins.  We're tossed out of our house on a regular basis trying to sell it, which means with only 20 minutes' warning, we may be ousted from the house at any point in the day or evening.  I have to collect (and maybe wake up) two small children, pack the diaper bag, coat them up, put on their snow boots, strap them in their car seats, then dash back around the house like a mad woman, tossing every scrap of clutter into a laundry basket, and driving away with the basket in my trunk.  We may be gone a half hour, up to two hours.  During this time, I have to entertain them in a small town, during mud season.  We've spent more than one ice cream session at McDonald's.

I've been shooting a lot of client projects lately, and teaching The Film Workshop.  I am loving both aspects of this, and I hope that teaching is something that will bridge the gap between clients I know moving will cause as I re-establish myself as a photographer & videographer in a new place, where, perhaps, the culture isn't as open to documentary-style imagery.  I hope I can change the minds of at least a few people when we move to South Carolina.

Meanwhile, Geoff and I are in the thick of learning French, and fresh off our trip to Quebec, we have plenty of reading material for ourselves and the kids, including some French children's CDs.  On the nightly, we're studying French with Rocket French, which I highly recommend, especially if you've ever had French during high school.  We're speaking more French than English now at home, preparing each other and the children for the summer ahead.  Bittykins is picking it up like hot cakes, but Butterscotch...not so much.  I know he understands me, and he will answer me correctly in English, but he will hesitate a bit, as if it's just taking him longer to process it.  He can repeat French back to me with effort, but almost never volunteers it when he speaks.  His sister, however, for the first time just this week, is beginning to answer me in French, even if I pose a question in English.  (That was a surprise, but a proud moment!)  She's just two, but has her little French r's already down.  It's so precious!  I'm so proud of her.

We are also in the process of buying a house in South Carolina.  After an 8-day-long house hunting trip last month in Spartanburg, we went through 20 houses that were just not going to work for us.  We also toured 3 school options and luckily, the school choice was clear.  The house, we're still working on.  I saw one I liked and after some digging found out who the owner was. I emailed her and convinced her to sell it to us, and she is going to!  Adventures await...our children just turned 5 and 3, and only one more month until we leave for France.

This is what I saw.