Quebec Day 3: Hotel de Glace

Today we visited Quebec's temporary hotel made annually entirely of ice.  It was just as incredible as it sounds.  Yes, people really do stay the night there, sleeping on beds of ice.  Yes, there is electricity, and no, I don't know what they do about the bathrooms.  I do know they have little saunas and, I think, hot tubs as well!  When you enter, there is an ice-castle lobby, complete with a bar.  The limited and circular seating makes for automatic friends, and a big blue sculpted ice slide makes for great entertainment for all the kids (and kids at heart...).  We found many beautiful rooms, each intricately and artfully designed, and even a chapel.  There were Aebelskivers and sugar-on-snow as treats outdoors.  When we returned, the children were more quiet than usual. Perhaps entranced by their memory of what they'd just seen, perhaps rediscovering their little toys from the day before, or perhaps just tired.  I can only imagine how much larger than life these adventures must seem for such little people.