October 2015 - Pumpkins & Apples

Here are some baby updates.  If you've been following the story of Lentil, we decided to bury him or her in a beautiful potted fig tree plant in our house, where it will grow into something new, beautiful, and present.  

Meanwhile, this new baby is doing great!  With the kids in preschool and kindergarten, I've been able to establish care with my midwife.  Geoff and I even went for an ultrasound to see the baby for the first time!  We just got the pictures back this month.  Good news: everything looks GREAT!  And yes, we're keeping the gender a surprise, even to us.  The kids continue to call the new baby Winky Winky... 

Each of the other children are making progress as well.  Cannon is appreciating the routine of school, and Gracy is making strides from toddlerhood to preschooler status.  This month she went to the dentist for the first time.

As a family, we enjoyed a trip together to an apple farm in North Carolina, on the way to which Gracy also had her very first Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie... (perhaps prompting me to remember we need a dentist...).

I'm continuing to organize the house, while also running my DSLR Video for Photographers class online - twice this semester, since I'm putting myself on maternity leave for the January run and not teaching again until April.  I also had the opportunity to teach at Click Away in San Antonio!  I loved meeting many people from the internet world in person as well as sharing intro video skills.  So many skills from still photography transition to learning video...ah, I could go on all night about that.  But I digress...

This is what I saw.


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